• 9 possible reasons you are fat.

    1. Your muscle mass is small!

    2. Genetics

    3. Age

    4. Food too easily available

    5. Medicines

    6. You underestimate how much you eat

    7. You eat when you are unconcentrated about eating

    8. You deny yourself everything.  

    9. You eat healthy, but…   

    10. You overestimate your own exercise level 


    1. Muscles: The more Muscles, the faster burning of fat.

    Fat and muscle cells are burning calories day and night – whether you run, read or sleep. So increasing your muscle mass increases your fat burning process! (This is the reason that men have a stronger fat burning process than women: They have simply bigger muscle mass.

    Solution: Exercise!
    You don’t need big muscles, but train a little bit strength regularly, – and keep going a good calorie burning.

    2. Genetics:  Fat parents increase possibility of fat children.

    If both your parents are overweight, you are also more likely to be, says doctor and researcher Jill Comess at Norfolk State University, Virginia.

    Solution: You can do something about it, – but your challenge is 10-50% higher than most others.

    – Reduce your weight by only a couple kilo, and your risk for diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer also are reduced she continues.  So you do not need to be super slim to improve your health.

    If a woman with an overweight problem reduces her weight by only 5-105 she will drastically improve her possibilities to improve her blood pressure and reduce medication, Jill Comess states.

    3. Age:

    With age, fat burning naturally decreases.  And sitting hours in car, office and using pc does not exactly make it better.

    Inactivity like that leads to gradually diminishing muscle mass and gradually increasing the body fat.  But fortunately, there are ways to do something about that!

    Solution: Stay active!
    Don’t underestimate the effects of the just moving.  Maybe you already take a daily walk or do some yoga.  – But what about the other 23 hours of the day?

    Lots of simple activity ways: At work, go to your colleagues desk rather than sending an Email, use the stairs instead of the lift.  All these small seemingly unimportant movements increases the fat burning process.

    Actually; studies show that slim people generally move around more than overweight persons.

    4. Easier (too easy?!) access to food and drink than ever before!

    Before food stores and shopping centers, our bodies developed complex mechanisms to keep the hunger feeling away.

    Doctor med. and scientist Jim Anderson at University of Kentucky says that today, when food is available, and in abundance, these mechanisms are actually working against us

    Our body]s originally well developed hormone response for food, does not fit with our sedate lifestyle – and too much chips, pizzas and other produced food.

    Solution: Work hard with sorting “good” from “bad” food. Vegetables always a winner!
    We cannot beat evolution, – but we can work on those things we can control our self!

    Be active every day, eat food with less calories, but rich in nutrients, like broccoli, carrots, tomatoes, green beans, and other vegetables without starch.

    5. Medicines: Be aware of medicines for diabetes, depression,high blood pressure and inflammations.

    Those can have an unwanted effect on your weight

    Some types of medicine can make you more hungry, while others can stimulate congestion of fat cells.

    Solution: Confer with doctor about alternative medicines or lower quantity.

    6. Underestimating how much you eat.

    Even dieticians sometimes do mistakes when counting calories.  And – not joking – a study shows that  overweight persons do more mistakes than others.

    Other studies show that underestimation of how much you eat typically happens when evaluating big portions, and has nothing to do with how slim or overweight you are..

    Solution: Spend 2 weeks measuring calorie intake.
    Use spoon and weight to check your calorie intake.  And some of you – be prepared for surprises!

    7. You are unconcentrated when you eat.

    Do you eat your dinner while watching TV?   Do you stop eating when the program is over – or when you are not hungry any longer?

    It is a well-known fact that watching TV simply makes you eat more than you are used to/should. (Think about how easy it is to consume a bag of chips or some chocolates while watching TV!

    Solution: Eat from plate and finish in time!

    Always.  No bags or boxes!  That is a very simple way of control that unhealthy eating habit!

    8. You deny yourself everything!

    Your list of no-food is l-o-n-g.  You are very particular and make sure you eat neither pizza nor chocolate or ice-cream.

    Then the inevitable happens:  You overeat the “forbidden”, – and afterwords you are angry at yourself.  “Ok, ok”, you think,” I eat what I want now, and on Monday I start again eating healthy”.   The problem is that you simply do not get slim by such eating habits!

    Solution: Start focusing on food you know have a positive effect.  A little bit unhealthy food from time 

    Remove focus on forbidden food, and start focusing on food which are good for you.  Eat mainly healthy food 90% of the time.

    9. You are eating healthy, but…: Maybe you have to many exceptions, like holidays, restaurant visits, parties, etc…

    You recognize yourself?

    Studies from the (American) National Weight Control Registry show that those who eat more or less the same every day can keep their weight easier than others.Be aware though that you eat varied.

    Have a look here to find if your nutrition intake includes the most vital components of a balanced nutrition.

    Stop thinking dieting all the time, start doing small life style changes that you quite easily can live with, without needing resorting to indulge yourself from time to time.I

    Find ways of celebrating yourself that has nothing to do with food:  Pamper yourself with a manicure, or buy that fancy sports jacket that makes biking extra fun!

    10 You overestimate your own training efforts.

    Solution: Exercises are important – but stop rewarding yourself with food afterwards!
    Exercising is a very good and important factor in order to keep yourself healthy, – but stop rewarding yourself with food after training/exercising!

    Think Fat Loss, not Weight Loss

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