• 1000 Paleo Recipes

    Why is Paleo Diet so Popular?

    1:  It seems to be a very healthy way of eating, with people reporting more energy, less stress, smoother skin, better sleep and stronger immune system.  2: It is a very broad diet, and includes for instance lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds.  And 3: These foods are so nutritious and filling, it’s almost impossible to overeat.  Result: You lose weight or maintain your optimal weight without those starving moments so many other diets lead to. 

    And What Is The Paleo Diet anyway?

    The Paleo Diet is based on eating how we’re biologically designed to eat from ancient times more than 10.000 years ago.    – Foods that could only be obtained by hunting and findings from wild trees, bushes and flowers.  So typical “farming” products like  dairy products, legumes and grains was not around until farming emerged about 10.000 years ago.  So what about that delicious ice cream, dairy products, etc?  Well, it seems that lots of people do not use the Paleo way of eating literally, but simply use it as a basis – with small exceptions allowed – to succeed with optimal health, energy and weight loss.


    The Paleo food includes fish and lean meat, which for many  make it easier to follow than strictly vegetarian or vegan diets.  Like most other diets, drinking abundance of water and being physically active is also important parts!


    So, now let’s have a look at our recommended cook book for Paleo way of eating: “1000 Paleo Recipes”.

    First of all, it is available immediately, online, as it is in the form of digital Ebooks, full of delicious, healthy, step-by-step recipes.  Smartly divided into Sections like:

    • Chicken Recipes
    • Red Meat Recipes
    • Hot And Cold Veggie Recipes
    • Fish Recipes
    • Breakfast And Egg Recipes
    • Salad Recipes
    • Smoothie Recipes (very creative, probably not many smoothies around 10.000 years ago!)
    • and many more.

    An important feature is the variety of time required to prepare the different recipes; or said with their own words: “We have masterpiece recipes included when you are feeling adventurous in the kitchen but we also kept in mind that so many of us live busy lives and need delicious yet quick and simple recipes. You have flexibility to choose the recipe that is right for you.”

    Another thing we personally like much is their special edition of Dessert Recipes, and the fact that you can have these recipes available wherever you are on your ipad, mobile or whatever device you have at hand when you are shopping or preparing the food. Click here to get the Ebook(s)!





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