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    Are You Tired of Losing Weight, Only to Find Yourself Back to Where You Started Some Months Later?  We Show You Solutions to Losing Pounds  for Long Term Fitness!

    We are a Norwegian/Thai company, wanting to help and inspire you to get away from all those short-term weight loss programs with no lasting effect. We sincerely believe that you will be able to make a lasting change by using the advices, tips and other resources you will find in this website.

    Our aim is to prepare, guide and inspire you how to lose weight permanently.

    We want you to say goodbye to the up and down weight losses and the Quick Fix solutions that work one month and stop the next.  We want to help you through the process of not only lowering your weight to a level you feel happy with, but even more important: keeping it there. Weight programs and products that tells you to change your drinking and eating habits overnight are not helpful in losing weight with a lasting effect. Quick Fix solutions and products are NOT the good way to get rid of your pounds with a lasting effect.  Why? Because they do not provide you with the skills and tools you need to cope with life after the solution or program is finished.


    Do you want to learn how to lose weight naturally and in a lasting way?

    Some call it bizarre, some call it unorthodox, but forget about Quick Fix Solutions and realize the fact is that these are the 3 only steps you must do to shed your pounds AND stick with it:

    1) Change BIT FOR BIT your eating and drinking habits. (Set short term goals you know are attainable).

    Use short term goal to achieve long term weight loss

    2) REWARD YOURSELF for each short term goal achieved!Reward yourself

    3) TIME is the solution – Don’t rush!

    Patience will be rewarded

    With other words: You need to find a solution that will NOT dramatically change your eating and drinking habits, but change it over the course of time.

    This is where we come into the picture, giving you here all the resources you need to lose weight and keep it off. We have carefully selected  ideas, tips, and advice you need to reach your ideal weight and maintain it. Explore our website and learn new and innovative ways to permanent weight loss. To get your weight off and keep it there, without  yoyo dieting  and frustrations!

    We also have a special section with carefully selected programs and methods that can support you on your way to long lasting weight reduction.

    Each one of these programs are proven to work, it is more a question of which one you think suits you best.   If you feel unhappy about your overweight, but in the lucky position to have family or friends that can support you, and in addition use one of our recommended methods, you are much, much closer to gradually have a better life! 

    Are You a Natural Weight Loss Beginner? Here are Some Tips to Get You Started.

    It’s crucial that weight loss beginners understand that the secret to healthy weight loss is one that happens gradually and with a plan. This is why the following 3 tips from experts will help new dieters on the path to success.

    Change expectations of yourself

    People often start diets and immediately fall off, because once they make one wrong choice, they lose focus and drop their diet completely. Ultimately, you’ll want to change your eating, but it’s work in progress. If you have a slice of cake for lunch, don’t drop the diet completely. Instead, implement an “emergency” strategy: go for a 30-minute walk or have a light soup for dinner. Successful weight loss is about the collective choices that you make over time.

    Start By Incorporating Color Into Your Plate

    If you’re unsure of what to eat, just keep it simple by adding more color to your plate. According to WebMD, adding fruits and vegetables to your diet will both give you energy and help you feel full between meals. Aim to eat one serving of fruits or vegetables with each meal.

    Plan Your Meals Ahead of Time

    If you’re new to dieting, don’t eat only when hungry. According to Dr. Oz, it’s best to scheduleblocks of time when you want to have your meals. Being more organized about your eating will help you prevent a “crash,” and over time, you’ll train your body to eat at a set time.

    Natural dieting doesn’t just help with losing weight; it’s also a long-term strategy for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Making a few short-term sacrifices will have great results over time, and starting a diet correctly (and keeping at it) is what makes it successful.


    Want a Lasting Weight Loss? Then Motivate Yourself Like the Marathon Runners Do!

    So you have your New Year Resolution done!  You are going to start a new and healthier life.  Losing weight.  Starting freshly, like you use to do?  –  But what happened with last years New Year promise?  Forgotten? Did you change your mind? Suddenly not so important any longer?

    This time, don’t give up!  New research shows that it IS possible to avoid a fading motivation!

    The key?




    Important motivation factors for marathon runners have been identified by the Norwegian researcher  Gro Jordalen, at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences.   She looked at marathon runners of nearly all ages (between 18 and 67 years) to find what that made it possible for marathon runners to suffer mile after mile, and still succeed to achieve their goal, whether it be the Oslo, New York, Frankfurt or Berlin marathon 2011. Logically the same motivation factors can be used by you to have success on the way to reducing weight in the long run!

    Some of the really significant factors, she reported, was that the runners felt competent in what they were doing. In order to feel fine on their way to reach their goal, it was important to have the sense of mastering.  Another important factor for the successful runners: Self-determination. And the sense of belonging (all the time surrounded by fellow runners!) also contributed as a motivation to succeed.

    You probably have chosen way other goals for the New Year than marathon!  More likely you have decided to lose weight, eat more healthy, things like that.  BUT like people that completes long and weary sport activities, like a 42.9 km marathon,here are motivation factors that can help you to achieve a long term weight loss goal. – And they might be very identical to successful marathon runners!

    1. Mastering: Set yourself up for smaller, attainable, short-term goals.

    Use short term goal to achieve long term weight loss

    An untrained person who want to run a 10K, must start out, not with a goal of running 3-4 times a week; after 1-2 weeks, that person will find out this is too hard!     The best short-term goal to start with, is simply to get up from the couch and walk a little every day.  When that is accomplished, and you can master it, give yourself a small reward, and set the next short term goal.  Maybe 1 min walking, 1 min running for about 20 minutes.  And when that is accomplished during some weeks, next short term goal.   – By using short term goals like this, even a very untrained person can be able to run a 10K in 6 to 12 months time. And the successful marathon runners use the same kind of motivation in their training  for the marathon.

    If you have a desire to reduce lets say 20 pounds, – should that be your only goal? Of course not!  Maybe 1 pound per week or 2 weeks can be a short term realistic goal.    And the probability for success and  good feeling you experience on your way is sharply increased, when you see that short term, realistic goals can be reached. And don’t forget to reward yourself for each short-term goal achieved! 🙂


    Hook up with other people in the same situation! There is strong evidence that people facing the same challenges will be mutually inspiring and motivating. A good idea may be to enroll in one of the programs we recommend in other special article: Weight Loss Methods Proven to Work!

    3. Self-motivation. 

    If you think you can lose weight, you are right

    One of the greatest motivation factors is your own feelings.  If your wife think you are a bit fat, this alone is probably not enough to start a hard days work towards slimness!  If you don’t give yourself an inner satisfactory feeling to lose weight, then the motivation more easily evaporates.

    All in all: Start easy, get accomplices, find your own mastering level and reward yourself for attaining your short term goals. Then you think like a real marathon runner!

    An interesting fact about feelings related to weight loss:  Good experiences, makes our body produce dopamine.  For the survival of the human mankind rewards in the form of freeing dopamine in the body plays an important part. Eating, sex, caring of children, new adventures; all produces dopamine from your brain. Envisaging your self every day as a slim and fit person, can give the same dopamine experience, and make things easier on your task to lose weight permanently!



    The Very Best Way To Lose Weight and Keep It Off.

    Here are some scientifically found factors proven to be essential, and probably the best way for you to lose weight permanently:

    A positive attitude 🙂 good

    You must make a commitment =set yourself a main goal and split it into smaller, attainable short-term goals to gradually adopt a healthier way of life. (Don’t rush off, start slowly!)

    Eat fewer calories or burn up more calories (moderate exercise) than you need. The best way to lose weight is to do both.

    Exercise is important, as it helps you keep the muscles and lose the fat.

    Determine your BMI (body mass index).  BMIs of 25 and above: You are  overweight. Here is how to calculate your BMI: (Weight in Pounds x 703) / (Height in Inches) = BMI.

    Work your way to a proper balance of foods, so you can lose weight AND improve nutrition. For an online resource, go to www.mypyramid.gov.

    Ensure that you are eating healthy by keeping an accurate food journal. Write down everything you eat and drink, including serving sizes/portions. Be honest and accurate, otherwise the journal is not helpful.


    National Institutes of Health. Weight Loss/Dieting

    Nutrition.gov. Interested in Losing Weight? 

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