• To Lose Weight Long Term, Change Your Lifestyle In Small Steps!

    Dont rush – start small!

    When overweight , you usually want to find out how to lose weight as fast – and as quick and easy as possible. Examples of what can seem an easy and quick way to weight reduction: Breakfast diet shake, another one for lunch and a vegetable meal for dinner. Often recommended by celebrities that had used this product and thus reduced their weight – but later up in weight again!

    The Key for Losing Weight: SMALL Lifestyle changes.

    The problem with these kind of solutions , including many of the exercise programs on TV, is that they are difficult to use in the long run, because they are drastic changes. To put it bluntly: These are just temporary solutions rather than real change. So what is THE KEY FOR LOSING WEIGHT, AND THEN STAYING THERE: SMALL LIFESTYLE CHANGES. Not drastic, but one or more small steps.

    So what kind of change?

    DO NOT start out ambitiously by suddenly start eating low fat food, instead of these delicious steaks; that is a change that for most people can be very difficult. Maybe not for a week or two,- but then…. Quitting smoking is another example of a lifestyle change that can be very difficult. But what about adding a 10 minute walk around the neighburhood to your daily routine ? That is an example of lifestyle change that is much easier to maintain permanently.

    Remember the golden rule: START SMALL!. Most motivated people start eager and strong; they join a gym thinking that they will go workout three or four days each week. This may last a month or two, and then they cannot keep it up, and go back to their old habits.

    So: Start small. Like simply getting up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to give yourself time to work out. Don’t get up an hour early and start working out every morning! This will last maybe a week or two, but likely will not last more than that. If you do happen to have the energy one morning when you do wake up earlier, by all means, work out.

    You want Long Term weight loss:  Put in a little bit exercise, a little bit healthy food to replace some of the junk food..

    Combine that few minutes morning exercises with a short walk at lunch time , and at a later stage, skip at least one item of food or beverage that you typically consume each day that you know contains empty calories.  Just eliminate one, and replace it with a healthier alternative.

    These may seem like small changes, but they will actually add up to make a huge difference in the long run! Now you have gotten yourself on the right track. This kind of moderate changes will lead into some modest weight loss, so from there, after a month or so, slowly add some more physical activity into your schedule, and try to eliminate and replace one of those lousy food choices with something more healthy.

    The key again for lasting weight loss: SMALL, Simple and Gradual changes!

    These are the types of changes that have a better chance of becoming permanent. If you want to lose weight permanently, be sure you keep things simple and small at the beginning and you will have a greater possibility for success in the long run!


    Permant weight loss: Never quit!Article Source: Ezine Articles by Scott A.Cole


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