• Best vegan cookbooks to help you reach your weight loss goals

    If is your goal, then going vegan would be a very smart move. While the market is full of fad diets geared towards people looking to lose weight, knowing how your body processes food would help you sift propaganda from truth. For example, a lot of the new fad diets are heavily biased against carbs. However, it is not carbs per se, but processed and refined carbs that is harmful, and ought to be avoided.

    One of the major reasons why a vegan diet causes is presence of fiber. Fiber, especially insoluble variety, is the most natural and effective way to ensure a healthy gut. In addition, fiber gives you a feeling of fullness without loading up the calories. A vegan diet, being rich in vegetables, fruits, and whole grains, means that you automatically cut out the risk of calorie overload.

    While the advantages of a vegan diet are numerous, many people still feel suspect about it, afraid that it will drastically cut down their eating options. Or that the food and recipes themselves will become repetitive, and, therefore, boring. Indeed, a lot of fad diets do not catch on precisely because of this precise reason – their limiting effect on an individual’s food options.
    However, prospective vegans, especially those who are also looking to lose weight, have absolutely no need to despair. Veganism has carved a large niche for itself not only because of it’s healthy nature, but because it does not compromise on your food options even as it promotes better eating habits.
    Let us, then, take a look at some of the top cook books that will make sure your experiment with veganism would last a life time.

    For everyday cooking

    Vegan Cooking for Carnivores by Roberto Martin (Ellen DeGeneres’ personal chef) will come as a relief for those worried about the thought of abandoning their favorite food items. Roberto makes sure that you never feel deprived as he uses effective substitute ingredients to craft some stunning meals. Some of the standout dishes include Chick’N Pot Pie, Chocolate Cheesecake, Red beans and Rice among many others. Short-Cut Vegan by Lorna Sass would be another great recommendation as this classic provides you with the secret to whip up tasty and healthy meals in double quick time. Perfect for those who are always short of time, or do not want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. 30 Minute Vegan by Reinfeld and Murray promise you recipes that will take no more than half an hour, without compromising on taste and health.

    For elaborate meals

    Do not think that being a vegan means you cannot match others when it comes to throwing celebratory lunches and dinner parties. The Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon will provide you some sensational avant garde recipes that will delight you and your guests. From protein packed snacks to sinful desserts, this book has it all. Candle 79 has consistently been rated as one of America’s top vegan restaurant. Their flagship book provides you the secret from their kitchen, and will help to make your vegan cooking sophisticated and elegant.

    Global vegan cuisne

    Going vegan does not mean your culinary adventure comes to an end. Rather, you get to experience a whole new world of gastronomical delights you didn’t know existed. The Indian Vegan Kitchen by Madhu Gadia brings you authentic dishes from perhaps the most birthplace of vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Pick up this cookbook if you like your food uncompromisingly earthy, spicy, and diverse. The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen by Donna Klein does the impossible – makes an already healthy and lip smacking cuisine even more awesome. Some of the favorites from this cookbook include Sicilian Eggplant Relish, Classic Italian Minestrone, Black Olive Bread among many others.

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