• “Flavilicious Cooking” – A GreatCookbook For Weight Loss And Health!

    Tired of looking around everywhere to find easy to make and healthy recipies for weight loss?  Then you have come to the right place!

    In this section we have found for you a few, great cookbooks that should cover all the needs for you and your family for a long time!

    The first one we have found is called “Flavilicious Cooking”,   with a tempting content of Tasty, Allergy-friendly Fat-burning meals.   It is written by Flavia Del Monte (a Registered Paediatric Nurse, a Certified Nutritionist and a Personal Trainer) in co-operation with professional cooks.

    Here are some of the delicious, but easy to make dishes:Weight loss cook book

    And the really good thing about these dishes (apart from being delicious and easy to make) is that they all are allergy-friendly, fat-burning, and – not surprisingly – HEALTHY!

    Some other key points about the recipies:

    *Simple Ingredients    *Boosting Metabolism   *Family-friendly   *Light on the Wallet   *Simple to Plan and Prepare   *Expert-Chef Approved!

    After having enjoyed more than half of the meals in this appealing cook book, we can only recommend it!  Click here to find out more! 

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