• Healthy Weight Loss Idea For Women Over 40

    For most women over 40 years, it gets easier to gain weight than it is to lose and this is because with increasing age, the metabolic rate not only reduces but also the body requires lesser energy to run efficiently. In other words, the body burns fewer calories than it used to even if the amount of food being ingested does not change that much therefore leading to weight gain. How then do you go about losing weight even when you are above 40 in an effective and convenient way? This piece discusses healthy weight loss ideas for women over 40.

    1. Determine your basal metabolic rate

    There is only one way of losing weight and it involves ingesting fewer calories than your body can burn otherwise everything else is stored as fat. To know how much calories your body burns while at rest, you will have to determine your basal metabolic rate (BMR) a measure that considers your height, age and gender. You can determine this with the help of a physician or by yourself through freely available online BMR calculators. After you have determined your BMR, it becomes easier for you to manage your diet as you can readily know what diets work hand in hand with your and which don’t by simply eliminating them on the basis of which has a higher calorie count than your specific BMR.

    2. Exercise

    Exercise is good for all ages and works the same way to every body. While exercising, you get to burn extra calories while at the same time working to improve the quality of your muscles. A regular exercise routine will keep you more energized while speeding up your metabolism rate. Exercise doesn’t have to be intensive but it most definitely has to be regular in order to have the desired results. A very effective way of exercising is walking because walking is very easily accessible and can be do done from multiple locations .

    3. Vegetables and fruits.

    Vegetables and fruits are a vital part of any and it is mostly because they are rich in fiber and roughage while at the same time supplying all the right nutrients and essential oils. Not to mention, vegetables and fruits are associated with multiple health benefits which include reduced risks against heart disease, type 2- diabetes and protection against certain forms of cancer.

    4. Join a support group

    Doing it together is always more fun and engaging than walking the long walk to reduced weight alone. There are more and more people looking to solve their weight problems too and chances are they have a lot to share with you and are already doing so amongst themselves. A support group while being educative also ensures that for you it will be harder to back off because there is some external pressure to succeed.

    In conclusion, while it is harder to lose weight when you are above 40, because of reduced metabolism rate and lowering activity levels, it is not entirely impossible and each of the above healthy weight loss idea for women over 40 will go along way in making it possible.

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