• Physical Exercise Benefits Without all the Hard Work?


    Can it be possible enjoying  physical exercise benefits  without needing to do all the hard work?

    A huge number of people would greatly benefit from exercise, but are prevented from doing much of it because of disability and/or pain.

    Recent research suggests there might be ways to mimic some of the physical strains on your body, like for instance heat stress, experienced during exercise. This could enable  patients with disability or pain problems,  to gain key benefits even when usual exercise cannot be done.

    There is a widespread and unanimously agreement that physical exercise is very important for maintaining health and for preventing and treating many diseases. Obesity of course, being one of them.  A recent ( and still ongoing) research, done by  Kate Thomas, and supervised by  Otago professor Andre van Rij, and Associate Prof Jim Cotterat Otago School of Physical Education indicates that mimicking physical exercise strains could have a positive effect. One study, nearing completion (November 2013), involved inflating a tight blood pressure cuff around an arm, several times, for periods of five minutes. Other planned research involved heat conditioning, with the patient immersed to the waist in hot water for 30 minutes.

    This  research is focused on effects on people with peripheral vascular disease (PVD), – and is far from concluded.  (From an article in Otago daily times Nov 23, 2013)

    In our article “Benefits of walking”, we show you that mere walking can have excitingly positive effect on your body. Another example that lots of people out there, being incapable of doing “traditional” physical exercise, can benefit greatly of alternative, milder ways of exercising!  More important than the intensity of exercise, is regularity. But more about that other places on our website.


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