• Physical Exercise Benefits

    Physical exercise benefits are at the forefront of the national discussion on health. Americans have become increasingly health conscious in recent years. Medical science continues to find conclusive evidence that connects the lack of physical exercise with numerous diseases. As a result, the sedentary are now becoming more active. Those who are overweight, or who are battling illnesses, have begun exercising consistently and with greater frequency. While it is obvious that a fitter physical frame, strength, muscle tone and decreased body weight are the most commonly known desirable consequences, physical exercise benefits the whole body, in more ways than many may be aware.


    Inflammation has been discovered as the common root of many health problems and diseases. While diet plays a role in decreasing inflammation, physical exercise also boosts the body’s ability to keep inflammation under control. Where there is less inflammation, there is also a reduced risk of life-threatening health events and devastating diseases such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, stroke, certain cancers, diabetes and Alzheimer’s Dementia.


    Some surprising research also uncovered how physical exercise benefits the brain. An American High School participated in an experiment that scheduled physical education class at the start of the school day before students’ most challenging academic classes. The teens who participated in the experiment, performed noticeably better, academically, than their school mates. A student who had a learning disability reported markedly reduced symptoms. Standardized test scores for these students ranked highest in the country. Since the brain regulates all bodily functions and plays a role in psychological and emotional stability, one can conclude that physical exercise benefits the whole person inside and out.

    A saying among medical and fitness professionals: “Anything that benefits the heart, benefits the brain.” But, physical exercise benefits those AND the entire body, head to toe.

    4 different types of exercise

    Chart showing the 4 different types of Exercise



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