• Reduce weight: How to increase fat burning.


    How to increase fat burning and reduce
    weight?  Some important tips:

    Water (2 liter pr day= 8 glasses a day =1 small glass every second hour).  Including: Tea ( not with sugar, better with fruit or herbal tea)

    Garlic (helps to reduce number of fat cells in body)

    Turkey and chicken  as meat ( rich on proteins that builds muscles instead of fat, makes you less hungry because lasts longer, and increase the burning of fat)

    Almonds  ( good for protein and fibres.  Helps burning.  But not too much, because also high in fat.)
    Best: A handful between meals  or crush them and put over salads or other food.

    Asparges (vegetable high in B-vitamins that increases burning, high in fibre makes you not feel so quickly hungry after meal.)

    Oranges (keeps good level of blood sugar,  high in fibre, helps  you not feel hungry , helps digestion (good for stomach and toilet))

    Broccoli (good for everything, lots of vitamins, etc)

    Ginger  good for stomach, helps fat burning.

    And – there are a lot of fruits and vegetables that not only delicious, but also paves the way to increased fat burning and weight loss.  This video shows you some good stuff!


    NB: How to slow down burningRice!  You can still eat that rice, – but in smaller quantities and more seldom than before!

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