It’s tempting to think that for Christmas I’m just going to enjoy myself, because after the new year I can continue the healthy life  – but if you are doing some simple steps already now, it will be easier to get started with your New Year’s resolutions.With these five tips, you get a better start in 2016:

1. Set yourself specific goals.

Be as concrete as you can with what you want and how long it will take. Write it down, but be realistic.Create strategies for achieving goals. Sub-goals can be a good help on the road, and more motivating. Plan calorie rewards for each completed stage.Use the days before New Year’s Eve to prepare yourself mentally for change. When it comes to January 1, you get started – and then it’s advisable to have a plan of what to do.

2. Sneaking in short, easy, without equipment training.

The days before Christmas and New Year are for many the most hectic days throughout the year. Food has been made, Christmas presents bought in and homes have been washed and decorated. Then there are Christmas celebrations. The first activity to be let down as a result of a tight «to do» list is the training.The training centers will be packed in January.  But do not necessarily run on a treadmill to get fit! One good solution can be to “sneak in” short, up to 15 minute sessions, where you do strength and fitness exercises you can do without equipment, such as push ups, squats, knee lift,  sit-ups, and more.Do not be discouraged if you still do not find time for workouts. Bet on everyday activities and move whenever you can: Walk, take the stairs or bring family and friends on activities outside.

3. Plan.

The only way to stick to everyday routines in the holiday season is to plan. Write up when you’re going to work out, and take some extra time to practice the days you’re going to party. Avoid skipping  meals, even before you are going to a party. It is much easier to supply in adequate amounts if you come to a party without being hungry. An empty stomach tends not to make the most reasonable food choices!

4. Take the choice.

See for yourself how you want to look in one or two months if you eat absolutely everything you want while at the same time you stop exercising. Then imagine how to look if you continue to eat passable portions and stay as active as you can.What is most alluring (although fatty, sweet and salty foods can be very tempting)? You decide – and only you can do something about your choices!

5. Plan for a one month Status.

Start keeping a diary of what you eat.  Do this for everything you eat for one month.  When looking back, maybe all these small, “insignificant” foods pop up too often?  Learn what foods you can eat more from and which ones you should eat a little less. Small adjustments to your regular diet can make a big difference.


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