• The Safe Weight Loss Diet Plans For Women Over 40

    Women that are over 40 years can reduce the risk of getting chronic diseases associated by excess weight by following a reduced calorie diet.This diet will help them to achieve a slim toned body that will make them proud of it.Women that are over 40 cover a myriad of problems e.g bloating hormonal imbalances , fluid retention and a sluggish metabolism.This makes you unattractive and out of shape.They try different diets which in most cases do not work.Highlighted below are safe weight loss diet plans for women over 40 to help them achieve real and sustainable results.

    Use of Thyroid Supplements.

    Chances that you could suffer from hypothyroidism or a low functioning thyroid increase with age. The older you get the higher the chances of being affected by such conditions.If you are gaining weight even though you eat less or are on a diet and exercising, then it is because of this condition. Other signs of this condition include: forgetfulness,sensitivity to cold,dry skin and high cholesterol levels.If you experience such signs, ask your physician to test and then prescribe to you a synthetic thyroid if it is needed.You should be cautious and do not overuse the supplements which include ingredients like seaweeds and kelp.

    Have high Protein and Low Carb diets.

    Diets that are rich in in protein and low carbohydrates can help you to lose weight.This is because high protein intake will make you feel fuller on less calories and also increases your body’s energy expenditure.This therefore means that increasing your protein intake and limiting unhealthy carbohydrates like added sugars and refined grains lowers calorie intake of women over 40 years. It should however be noted that excess proteins can cause toxin build up in the blood, cause nausea and diarrhea.Proteins also help in build up of muscles which in turn burn fat.The ability to process carbohydrates also diminish as we grow older, this means excess carbohydrates are stored as fat in the body.

    Low Calorie Diets

    Low calorie diets that contain 1000 to 1500 calories daily are the most ideal and safe for women over 40 yeas.You should always emphasize on healthy foods such as whole grains, egg white, low fat dairy foods, lean meats, etc.

    Green Tea Supplements

    As you grow older, your metabolism slows unless you are exercising and as a result you will need a . Most of the weight lose supplements in the market contain risky ingredients like ephedrine which can cause heart attacks and strokes.You should therefore use tea supplements green tea supplements which are proven and also reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke.

    Although the above diet plan tips are meant to help women over 40 years to lose weight, they should also incorporate a healthy life style e.g exercised enough sleep and relaxation to get the best results.When you are over 40, weight loss should be your priority, always check your diet to ensure a low calories intake.

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