• The Vegan Food Pyramid






    Here is a nice illustration of all the delicious foods that are the basics of a Vegan Diet!


    NB! The recommendations for the foods in the Vegan Food Pyramid are not necessarily DAILY recommendations, but the foods you should strive to eat in a 48-hour time period.


    Some days you might want to eat more, some days less than the recommended daily intake. No prob! Just see to that over the course of a couple days things even out and you’re still fine.


    The Vegan Food Pyramid is as a general guide so you can understand the variation of food groups you should eat to keep your vegan diet in balance. Foods that is building and running your body in a good way!


    Amazingly enough – there is no room for CRAP food! (Sorry for the harsh words, but there are lots of food out there (that are tasty enough, but, no


    What about some occasional junk food- does it destroy the vegan diet? Absolutely no. But if you must, do so sparingly.

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