• The Wonderful Physical Exercise Benefits!

    Physical exercise has a lot of  benefits – a humorous look  and a hilarious video!

    We all know it, but no one wants to hear it again: “Physical exercise is the best thing you can do for yourself!”

    Yeah, yeah. Well, if you’re looking for this article to tell you the opposite–that exercise is not good for you and that it isn’t really as necessary as everyone says it is –  bad news. The unfortunate truth is that the list of  physical exercise benefits is so long it would make your head spin! But rest assured that we aren’t going to tell you that any false-truths here, like that it’s easy to find time to exercise. You’ve already seen a lot of this: “After work, go for a bike ride with your kids, and enjoy a healthy picnic dinner of plain salad together!”

    Finding time and motivation to exercise – starts with determination.

    We’re not delusional – finding the time and motivation to exercise is hard! And you will probably have to sacrifice some other things in your life to accomplish it: some sleep, some time in front of the TV, some chocolate… But what we want you to keep in mind is that long list of physical exercise benefits. Here are a few of our favorites:


    – You’ll live longer!

    – You’ll look hot in jeans!

    – You’ll keep up with your kids and not get frustrated with them as often!

    -You’ll have more confidence!

    -You’ll fit into your high school clothes!

    -You’ll enjoy shopping!


    The only negative things that come from physical exercise are… well, there aren’t any.  (Eh, unless you go into activities like in this video….:

    Exercises that maybe you should not try?

    So get creative! (But not too adventurous, like in the video above!)

    Put yourself first!

    Say “no” to some things–even if it stings for a second. For once in your life, put yourself first. Your body is your vessel for life, and you have to live there forever. So take care of it! And enjoy the multitude of great physical exercise benefits! And don’t forget to have fun!
    Laughter Is Good Medicine!

    Cartoon: Exercise 1 hour a day or dead 24 hours a day? or die!Cartoon: Fat couple hope for other remedy than exercise!




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