• Vegan Weight Loss Start TODAY With These Tips

    Easy to follow Vegan weight loss tips.

    You probably by now have heard about the vegan weight loss diet – and how successful it can be for helping you to get that desired weight loss.
    Can it really work also for the long term- not only a short term “fad”?  Are there any pitfalls or challenges you should look out for? Look here for some surprising, but important answers!
    Let’s start with the obvious first…


    The reason why A Vegan Weight Loss Diet Works!

    Two words: 1.FIBER      2. EASY!

    1. When eating fiber-rich foods, the fiber sweeps through your intestines and pushes the crap out (literally). Giving fibers regularly to your body, means you are always cleaning out the crap from your pipes.

    2. Contrary to a lot of other diets, vegan diet is EASY to implement. Both because this is a diet that has lots of well-tasting foods to choose among , and because all these foods are easily available in almost any food shop. Thirdly: Little or no xtra cost compared to animal and dairy foods (that have ZERO fiber!).  Last and not least: You will quickly discover that your constant craving for food is vanishing, as the fibers in the vegan food keeps your body happy for a much longer time after eating!
    It’s a LIFESTYLE CHANGE. And IT WORKS. Losing weight long term is one big advantage, but not only that;  your body will experience positive health changes as well.  You can start right here:  We have come across a very attractively illustrated Cookbook for Vegan Breakfasts and Vegan Desserts: 

    A well illustrated Vegan Cookbook for breakfasts and desserts

    A well illustrated Vegan Cookbook for breakfasts and desserts


    What differs Vegan from Vegetarian Diet?
    In case you shouldn’t know, here is a definition: In addition to not consuming any animal flesh, a vegan (strict vegetarian) also doesn’t eat dairy products, eggs, or any other product derived from an animal.


    Isn’t A Vegetarian Diet good enough?
    Vegetarians do not eat meat, but continue to eat eggs and use dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt). However, dairy products like milk and cheese (simply concentrated milk!) are foods that make you gain weight, . So if you want to reduce your weight long term, the vegan diet is the best solution.  But, if you are happy with your body weight, but want healthier food for your body, vegetarian food is a good way to go.


    Our Top 10 Vegan Weight Loss Tips that you can start with TODAY!

    1. Get to know the Vegan Food Pyramid. An important starting point to understanding the various food groups you need to eat. Be aware of that the range of servings in the Pyramid was created for the general population, – also for people who want to GAIN weight! How do you use the Pyramid for the weight loss results?
      Very simple: Go for the LOWER serving amounts listed in most of the categories.
    2. Cut down your sugar intake as much as possible! Sugar is the enemy of glucagon, a hormone that “eats” fat and transform to energy!
    3. Avoid fruit juice! This is one source of “sugar” that you need to skip. Don’t misunderstand: Fruits are really good for you, providing you with the water-rich fiber, and lots of nutrients that is good for your body. But if you drink the juice, you are eliminating the fiber within and basically sipping in the simple sugars naturally contained in the fruit. Eat the fruit as is, or go for fresh vegetable juice instead.
    4. Eat lots of green leafy veggies like turnip greens and broccoli. These types of foods provide CALCIUM which is needed to lose weight. If you are lacking in calcium, your vegan weight loss efforts could be hampered.
    5. Drink LOADS OF WATER. All those amazing fiber-rich foods you should eat need water to aid them in the job they need to do. 6-12 glasses per day. The lower range ok if you eat lots of water-rich fruits and veggies and smoothies.
    6. Use the SCALE with caution. Why? SCALES CAN LIE! You should know that if you do the really right thing to your body (enjoying a vegan diet AND regularly exercising) your waist can be inches slimmer, but you might GAIN WEIGHT. What happens, is that you then begin to build muscles where you didn’t have them before. (And absolutely not “he-man” muscles!)  Muscles are more dense than fat; therefore, as the muscles grow and the fat is burned off you get slimmer and more toned, while the weight might be about the same.
    7. Having the last tip in mind: Start aerobic AND muscle building exercises. Just face it: You have to exercise for weight loss! There is no diet in this world that will work if you don’t exercise regularly. If you are not used to exercise, just start with getting up from the couch, and start moving! Gradually increase to walking, until you reach about minimum 30 minutes at least 3-4 times a week. But don’t think leisurely walking is good enough. You will need to SWEAT to lose the fat! Still, don’t exaggerate and push too hard. That will make it tempting to quit sooner or later. Find a suitable tempo that suits you, makes you sweat a bit, but not exasperating – and making you feel REAL GOOD after the shower!
    8. Don’t be afraid of gain a bit of muscles. Muscle burns fat! But be sure to get advice from your doctor or a pro as you can hurt yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing!
    9. Be patient. Make changes to your diet in small steps for the greatest long-term!


    We hope these tips can get you up for a good start,  and into a smart way to long term weight loss!

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