• What Are the Best Exercises for Your Upper Body?

    Building your upper body is a very important step and must always be included in your work out plan. You must have the best upper body workout exercise plan and routine which must be followed in a regular pattern. Each time you visit the gym you must spend at least 60 to 90 minutes by focusing on your upper body.

    Upper Body Workout Routine

    In order to put together an effective workout for your upper body you need to follow the simple steps given below:-

    · Keep a plan in your mind to train all the major upper body muscle groups and movement patterns. This can be done either directly or indirectly.

    · You must select the best exercises to train and also keep an adequate and proper balance around your joints.

    · The exercise must be then put in an orderly fashion.

    · In order to bring the training volume within the optimal range, you must choose the right amounts of reps and sets.

    The Upper Body Movements

    There are 6 basic movements for a best upper body workout exercise plan. These movements include horizontal push, horizontal pull, vertical push, vertical pull, elbow flexion and elbow extension. Your upper body workout plan must be customized in such a way that all these movements are effectively performed.

    · Horizontal Pushing Movements

    A horizontal pushing exercise included any weight training exercise in which you have to move a weight in front of you and it must travel away from your torso in a horizontal fashion. Some exercises including horizontal push are bench press, seated dumbbell shoulder press, laying barbell extensions, barbell curls and seated cable rows.

    · Horizontal Pull

    An exercise involving horizontal pull is that in which the weight must be pulled towards your torso in a horizontal fashion. Some exercises involving horizontal pull are lateral raises, high incline bench presses, front raises, standing and seated overhead shoulder presses and lateral raises.

    · Vertical Push

    An exercise including vertical push movements involves moving of weight vertically with respect to your torso in such a manner that it goes straight over your head. Many shoulder exercise fit into this category.Exercise involving vertical push is seated and standing shoulder presses, lateral and front raises and high inclined bench presses.

    · Vertical Pull

    In these types of movements you have to move weight down in vertically with respect to your torso. Most back pulling exercises involve vertical pulls. The exercises which include vertical pull are pull ups and chin ups.

    · Elbow Flexion

    Any exercise involving elbow flexion is done by moving the weight towards you by flexing the elbow. Many bicep exercises fit into this category. Some exercises that include elbow flexion are standing and seated bicep curl, preacher curl and cable curls.

    · Elbow Extension Movements

    This movement involves moving of weight away from you by extending the elbows. Many triceps extension exercise fit in this category. Exercises that include elbow extensions are laying triceps extension, overhead triceps extension and triceps cable press downs.

    Thus, the best upper body workout exercise plan must include the above movements to concentrate on all the muscles and joint of your upper body.

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