• Which diet to choose?

    There are endless diets that promise you a slim body.

    And it is not difficult to find articles about more or less famous persons that have found a solution and lost weight rapidly.
    Nevertheless, a lot of studies comparing low carbo diets, high carbo diets, Mediterranean diets and traditional low fat diets, show interestingly that most of these diets can have a good effect on you – providing you follow certain important guidelines:

    The is no. 1 rule to follow in order to obtain a long term weight reduction – go for a diet with basically food you like!

    If not, it is too easy to get tempted to fall back to eating “good (and fattening) stuff” – or simply adjusting the diet so it ends up with being similar to what you were eating and drinking before! No need to say that your weight soon going up again.

    Several studies show that low carbo diets make you lose weight, but how much, and how many succeed when following a low carbo diet?
    Atkins – a very effective starter diet.

    In most of the comparative studies, the Atkins diet is the one that gives the best results in the first phase of the diet. Therefore, this diet may be a good starter in your fight against kilos.

    Thereafter, it might be smart to choose low calory, low fat food to maintain the weight loss.

    This will probably be easier to stick to than the more rigid Atkinson diet.
    The so called A to Z study, showed that the Atkinson diet gave best results for weight loss the first 6 months, but after that it evened out, compared to other diets. Actually, the ones that kept on the Atkinson diet on average experienced an increase in weight after 6 months, and also had the largest percent of “drop-outs” compared to other diets. (The participants following the other diets in the study (The zone-diet, the Omish-diet and the LEARN-diet) reduced their weight the first 6 months (although less than the Atkinson diet), but manged to keep their weight down also the next 6 months.
    Another study showed the same tendency, but here the Atkinson diet showed the best weight reduction results, also after 12 months.

    A study called the DIRECT study, compared low carbo diet, Mediterranean food (diet) and traditional low fat diet:

    And the results for all three diets were positive for those sticking to the diet for 2 years, with an average loss of weight of about 4 kg.
    A problem with diets that deviates significantly from the “normal” (as today!) food and drink intake, is that it is difficult to stick to them in the long term. Important reasons for this are that participants get tired of this food, it might make difficulties in the social life, and/or the diet is too costly and time consuming to follow.

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