• Why Is It So Difficult To Keep Your Weight Down?

    Bizarre – or not?

    When summing up all the advices, comments and conclusions from health authorities, weight loss gurus, magazines and blogs, one thing seems clear: There are numerous methods to help you reduce your weight – and most of them work!  From low- carbo and Paleo diets and popular methods like the Venus Factor and the Gabriel Non-Diet program to specially designed programs by health instructors and doctors.

    But the problem – or challenge – is that the majority of successful weight trimmers cannot keep their weight down! On the contrary, most of them ends up with the same -or higher weight than before.  Scary, isn’t it?  And why is it so?

    Don’t they have the necessary willpower or determination ?

    On the contrary, say the experts now.  It is the body’s amazing capability to keep a stable weight that comes into play.  This is a mechanism regulated by both parts of the brain, concerning as well the digestion system,  as other systems in the body.  Even if you can have notable variation from day to day in your food (and drink!) intake, your weight keeps fairly stable within plus/minus a couple kilo.

    BUT, if you have put on weight slowly over time, the same regulating mechanisms are now coming into effect.

    First of all: The fatburning process is reduced.  The body puts itself on a low burning mode, and can do with less calories than normal.

    Secondly, the body starts producing signals to get more food! The hormones regulating your feeling of hunger are increased.  The body tells you: You must eat! If not your are in danger!  (Sounds quite fantastic, but is a reality, researchers now supports).

    But do not despair!  Only know that you have to outsmart the body – by reducing your weight as slowly as you put it on! By slowly changing your eating and drinking habits.  Remember: Make sure that your changes don’t lead you to eating and drinking habits that you really not like.

    Success is based on SLOW progress, and LIKING of the foods and drinks!

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